Study Skills Tutorial Support

If you have been diagnosed with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) such as dyslexia or have evidence of a medical condition, you may be eligible for one-to-one study skills tutorial support, which can be provided through the DDS.

To access tutorial support, you will need to meet with a Disability Adviser to discuss your requirements and funding options.

The purpose of this support is to equip you with the skills to become a more independent and confident learner, in order to meet the academic demands and standards of your course.

If you have been recommended a Specialist Study Skills Tutor, you will receive an email from the DDS which gives your Study Skills Tutor’s contact details. Make contact!

How to use Study Skills Support

You and your Study Skills Tutor should negotiate a time and place to meet. This includes agreeing who will be responsible for booking the room. Before this meeting, the Study Skills Tutor will have had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with your difficulties by reading, for example, your SpLD Assessment report. If you are in receipt of funding, this session is re-claimed from your funding body and is taken from your overall allocation of Study Skills Tutor support hours.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide the work for each session such as an essay that you have been working on, although the Study Skills Tutor will have some tutorial packs covering things like essay structuring, which they can use with you. Tutorials usually take place face to face.

In your first session, your Study Skills Tutor will go through a Learner Development Document (LDD) with you. This is updated after each session and documents what you have achieved. You should also provide information on your assignments and due dates. This way the Study Skills Tutor can ensure that each tutorial is focused and help you to stay on-task. Although Study Skills Tutors do offer guidance with spelling and grammar, you are still expected to use the tools available to you to check your own work, such as Google, Word spell-check/thesaurus and prescribed software.

Study Skills Tutorials – what to expect

Each session is facilitated by the Specialist Study Skills Tutor although this still requires your own input. The focus is on the areas of difficulty which have been identified in your Needs Assessment report.

Support ideas include:

Planning and structuring essays
Breaking down assignment questions
Help to clarify exactly what you are trying to say
Help with organisation (work & self)
Revision techniques/strategies
Strategies to manage difficulties such as limited attention, memory
Guidance on using the IT packages you’ve been given

What we don’t do:

Correct every single spelling/grammar error (although we do guide you on how to do this)
Offer a proofreading service
Change your words/content


It’s up to you to get the most out of your Tutorial sessions so be prepared and schedule sessions in good time, so that you can use the feedback to adjust your work. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something – we are here to help!

If for any reason you would like to be allocated an alternative Study Skills Tutor, you should contact

Information relating to absences

There are times when we are all affected by the unexpected! If this happens and you are unable to attend, we require 24 hours notice. This should be via the contact method agreed between yourself and your Study Skills Tutor. If you give less than 24 hours notice, your Study Skills Tutor will be paid for 1 hour of work and your funding body will be charged. You will also ‘lose’ that hour of support from your overall time allocation.

Student Finance also ask us to provide them with a reason for your absence, so your Study Skills Tutor will need to ask you for this. Only 2 such absences are allowed to be claimed for per term. Once this has happened, you then need to meet with an Adviser/Senior Disability Co-ordinator to discuss the problems you may be facing and how we can support you going forward.

Absences with more than 24 hours notice are acceptable but you should always try to re-arrange the session at this point, by suggesting some alternatives to your Study Skills Tutor. Remember, they are there to support you so that you can achieve your graduation goals!

At every tutorial, you will be asked to sign a timesheet to show you have attended your session. Each month, you will be contacted by our Disability Co-ordinator office and asked to confirm the support which you have received that month. This is in a table. If you are happy that you have received this support then just send a quick email back to say that. If not, state where you think the error is. These steps enable us to demonstrate that you are receiving your support. It also allows the DDS to reclaim the costs of your tutorial sessions from your funding body.

Financial implications

To ensure you get the most out of your tutorial support, your Study Skills Tutor will spend an hour familiarising themselves with your background information by reading your DDS file. This may involve reading through relevant information that may help your Study Skills Tutor to support you; for example, your Diagnostic Assessment report and your Needs Assessment report. Please be aware that this hour’s preparation will be taken reclaimed by the DDS from your funding body as part of your overall yearly allocation of tutorial support hours.

The timesheet checks stated earlier allow us to reclaim costs from your funding body.

Your funding body will normally only pay for 2 missed sessions in one term year. Therefore, if you are absent without notification for 2 prearranged sessions, you may be responsible to cover the cost personally at a rate of 60 pound per hour.