Specialist Study Skills Support

If you have been diagnosed with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) such as dyslexia or have evidence of a medical condition, you may be eligible for Specialist Study Skills Support.

To access tutorial support, you will need to meet with a Disability Adviser to discuss your requirements and funding options.

The purpose of this support is to equip you with the skills to become a more independent and confident learner, in order to meet the academic demands and standards of your course.

If you have been recommended a Specialist Study Skills Tutor, you will receive an email from the Disability Service which gives your Study Skills Tutor’s contact details. Make contact!

What to Expect

Each session is facilitated by a Specialist Study Skills Tutor with the focus on the areas of difficulty which have been identified in your Needs Assessment Report.

Support may include:

  • Planning and structuring essays
  • Breaking down assignment questions
  • Help to clarify exactly what you are trying to say
  • Help with organisation (work & self)
  • Revision techniques/strategies
  • Strategies to manage difficulties such as limited attention, memory
  • Guidance on using the IT packages you’ve been given

Note Taking and Support Work Assistance

The Disability Service aims to reduce any difficulties you might experience by providing resources that may help you during your time here.

  • Note Taking
  • Library Support
  • Practical Support Assistance / Lab or Workshop Assistance
  • Study Assistant
  • Using equipment in lectures and labs
  • Other general assistance whilst on campus

Guidance on how to use the Support Worker Service

You should discuss your requirements with a Disability Adviser and devise a timetable of when you require support, this should be given to the Disability Support Office (Required information: Start and finish time of lecture and room number).

Notes in Absence

In certain circumstances, notes may be taken in your absence. Consideration will be given to the nature of your disability/health, the likely impact of not having notes on your continuing study and other relevant factors.
Making this decision may also involve contacting your funding body.

Contact Details for arranging support

It is important to note that note takers cannot support you in ways other than instructed by the Disability Support Office.
Support Office Contact Details
Room: H012 (Treforest)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-4.30pm
Tel: 01443 482798
Text Only: 07797 809279

Materials in Accessible Format

Mentor Support

Terms and Conditions for Receiving Support

Information relating to absences

There are times when we are all affected by the unexpected! If this happens and you are unable to attend, we require at least 24 hours notice. This should be via the contact method agreed between yourself and the Disability Service. If you give less than 24 hours notice, your funding body will be charged. Student Finance also ask us to provide them with a reason for your absence, so you will be asked for this. Only 2 such absences are allowed to be claimed for per term.

You will be asked to sign a timesheet to show you have attended your session or contacted by the Disability Service and asked to confirm the support which you have received. If you are happy that you have received this support then just send a quick email back to say that. If not, state where you think the error is. These steps enable us to demonstrate that you are receiving your support.

We do not…

  • Correct every single spelling/grammar error (although we do guide you on how to do this)
  • Offer a proofreading service
  • Change the content of your work
  • Responsibility for your work is your own
  • Prompt you; it must be your own work.
  • Never give you their opinion


All staff will treat information which they are aware of regarding a student as confidential and will not identify a student or pass on any confidential information to anyone including lecturers without the students consent.