Support and Services

Support Types

For more information on the types of support available please follow the links below:

A-Z of Support Aspergers Syndrome Information on receiving support for a SpLD Mental Wellbeing Support Mobility Impairment Support Hearing Impairment Support for a medical condition Visual Impairment A-Z of Support

Conditions for Receiving Support

•You are requested to collaborate with the DDS in making an application for the Disabled Students Allowance or other relevant funding to cover the cost of support provided
•You should notify the DDS of any changes to your circumstances which are likely to have an effect on the support being provided to you
•You will adhere to the absence procedures for all support you receive

  • We reserve the right to withdraw certain aspects of support if appropriate but we will endeavor to work with you to establish alternative provision as necessary.
  • If we have concerns relating to your ability to successfully engage with your studies we will raise them with you as soon as possible with the intention of refining support or assisting you to make other changes. However, responsibility for your education will firmly remain with you and your choices and preferences will be respected