Note Taking

The support of a note taker or electronic note taker for lectures and seminars may be identified during your discussion with a Disability Adviser or through a Needs Assessment report.

Guidance on how to use the Note Taking Service

Any changes to your timetabled support must be communicated to the Support Office by 12pm on Wednesday not your support worker (SW) or electronic note taker (ENT).

Required information: Start and finish time of lecture and room number.

You must give the support office a minimum of 24 hours notice of any cancelled support. Anything less than this and your funding body will be invoiced for the full duration of the session.

Support Office Contact Details
Rooms: F006 & F007 (Treforest)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-4.30pm
Tel: 01443 482798
Text Only: 07860 033225

When meeting a SW or ENT you will need to make yourself known to them. They will wait at the room you have informed us of and will be wearing a name badge. Preferences regarding format of notes should be communicated to the Note taker at the start of the session.

Please contact the support office if your arrival to a scheduled class is delayed or if you cannot find your note taker at your scheduled session.

Every week you will receive an email to your student account asking for confirmation of support you have received; an email response is required for invoice purposes.

  • Hand written notes will be received at the end of each class.
  • Electronic notes will be received within 48 hours of the class and sent to your student email account.

Notes in Absence

In certain circumstances notes may be taken in your absence. If this is the case, you may be required to provide medical or other documentation for the period of absence.
Consideration will be given to the nature of your disability/health, the likely impact of not having notes on your continuing study and other relevant factors. Making this decision may also involve contacting your funding body.

It is important to note that note takers cannot support you in ways other than instructed by the Disability Support Office.

Confidentiality of Service

All note takers will treat information which they are aware of regarding a student as confidential and will not identify a student or pass on any confidential information to anyone including lecturers without the students consent. Note takers adhere to the Student Services confidentiality code

Information Relating to Absences

  • You are required to inform the DDS of any intended absence with as much notice as possible. The minimum period of notice which will normally be accepted is 24 hours prior to the time for which support has been arranged.
  • If you do not attend or cancel support without 24 hours notice on 3 occasions during a term, you will be contacted by a Disability Adviser to discuss.

Financial implications

Your funding body will normally only pay for 2 missed sessions in one academic term. Therefore, if you are absent without notification for 2 prearranged sessions in an academic term, you may be responsible to cover the cost personally.

You will receive an email from the service asking to confirm support. You are required to respond to this email. This provides verification that you have received the support and enables the DDS to reclaim the cost of your support from your Disabled Student Allowance.