Wellbeing Mentoring

What is Wellbeing Mentoring?

Wellbeing Mentoring is specialist support for students who are in need of some assistance in managing their studies and life as a student because of mental health needs. It can be particularly useful for students who are finding it difficult to complete all their work to deadlines, or who are worried that it will not be possible to complete their course because of the effects of their condition on their energy levels and on their concentration, memory or motivation.

The content of your meetings can be matched to your personal needs and will be negotiated directly between you and your Mentor during your initial meeting to ensure you a both clear on how you plan to use your time together.

Prior to meeting with your Wellbeing Mentor you might like to consider whether support would be useful in the following areas of academic life:

Wellbeing Mentoring is a one-to-one support; you can choose to access Wellbeing Mentor support in a variety of ways including face-to-face, email and Skype! You will be allocated a Wellbeing Mentor to meet with by the Wellbeing Mentor Coordinator who will ensure you are working with a member of staff with the relevant skills and experience to appropriately support your needs.

Please note that Mentoring is not a replacement for professional medical advice and support which you might already be receiving from the Mental Wellbeing Service, Counselling, your own GP, or from a Psychiatrist or Community Psychiatric Nurse based in the local mental health team. It is intended to be complementary to any support you might receive from these other services.

How can I access Wellbeing Mentor Support?

Firstly you should discuss whether Wellbeing Mentoring might be appropriate for you, please contact a Mental Wellbeing Adviser to discuss your specific needs and the range of support services available to you. The Adviser will also help you to consider whether you can access the funding for support through Disabled Student Allowance.

Who are the Wellbeing Mentors?

Our diverse team of Wellbeing Mentors are members of staff employed by the Disability and Dyslexia Service, working closely with the Mental Wellbeing Service. We have a range of male and female staff, with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to help ensure you are allocated a Wellbeing Mentor who can support your needs.


Feedback from students who have used the Mentor Service:-

“My time with my mentor has been key and vital to me as he has aided me with problems I have faced and helps me to see the problems from another perspective and allows me to discuss parts of life I have extreme difficulty with and can offer answers to questions or give me the means to find the answers for myself”

“I was really in a bad way prior to having regular meeting with the Mentor, and seriously thinking about walking away from the course. My Mentor helped in numerous ways wand was supportive practically -arranging meetings with the Advice Centre and drop in centre, using library facilities, and emotionally – giving perspective, prioritising, managing stress levels”.

“The main benefits of working with a Mentor have been in helping me learn to communicate more with other people. Being more positive and also develop my confidence and self-esteem by being more active”.
“Generally this service has been a great help throughout the year. I have had the support when I have needed it to speak to lecturers in a one-to-one setting and without it I wouldn’t have been able to do that – thank you! Although they have supported me to try new things, they have never pushed me. This I feel was the best was to work with me to try new things.”

“Without my mentor I would quite possibly have dropped out and my employment respects would have been bleak. Furthermore, I was on the edge of a serious deterioration in my condition. My mentor helped me to find hope, and to find the strength to continue on my studies”.