Specialist Transcription Services

The aim of the Specialist Transcription Services is to provide learning materials in accessible format, the service is aimed at the following students:

  • Blind and visually impaired students
  • Students with Dyslexia and other print impairments
  • Students with physical impairments which limits their capacity to hold or manipulate printed materials

Learning materials can be provided in the following format:

  • Braille
  • Large print
  • Audio
  • Electronic

The average turn around time for completion of accessible materials is 15 working days but this can be longer if materials are not available or during peak times. Requests for materials to be converted to accessible format must be emailed to ddstemp@southwales.ac.uk. Where possible, students should provide physical copies of the materials required. If this is not possible, the Information Access Service will endeavour to obtain the materials, however this is likely to increase the time taken to prepare these materials.

The cost of producing learning materials will be charged to your funding authority and will be met by the Non Medical Helpers Allowance part of your Disabled Student’s Allowance.

Guidelines for Staff

If printed materials are supplied they should be of high quality to enable a good scan to be made. Poor quality materials may be accepted, however this is likely to increase the cost of producing the materials
The cost of producing learning materials in accessible format will be invoiced to department who makes the request.