Examination Provisions

Once you have met with a Disability Adviser and provided supporting medical or other documentation, your Adviser will compile your Individual Support Plan (ISP) which summarizes the support which has been agreed. Section B will include information about any agreed adjustments for examinations (n.b. Exam adjustments can only be agreed where suitable supporting medical or other evidence has been provided). If your circumstances and therefore your support needs change, please contact a Disability Adviser so that your ISP can be updated.

List of written examination support types

Adjustments for written exams must be discussed and agreed before Mid March each academic year in preparation for the main examination session in May. Requests made after mid March will be considered but provision cannot be guaranteed

You should take a copy of your Individual Support Plan to each examination you have.


The Assessment and Awards Unit will contact you in March each academic year to confirm details of your exam support and the modules for which you are expected to sit exams in May. If you do not receive correspondence but require examination support, you must contact a Disability Adviser immediately.

If you do not respond by the deadline given, support arrangements for your examinations will not be made.

Prior to the exam session you will receive specific information about the times and locations of your exams from Student Registry.

Re-sit Examinations

If you need to re-sit any examinations, the arrangements agreed for the main examination session will automatically apply unless you inform the Disability & Dyslexia Service otherwise.

Examinations or Assessments outside the main examination period

If you require exam provisions for an in-class test, please contact the lecturer who has set this assessment to and provide them with a copy of part B of your Individual Support Plan directly, which will outline your recommended exam support.

If you have practical assessments throughout the year, you should bring this to the attention of a Disability Adviser as early as possible. Consideration of what support would be appropriate in a practical assessment situation will be needed, as this may differ from the assistance you require in written examinations.