Library Support Assistance

If you wish to make use of this support and it has been agreed by a Disability Adviser, you should read the following instructions on how to effectively use the service. Support Workers are allocated to aid you to complete your work. They are not allowed to influence you (directly or indirectly) or provide you with their own opinions on your work, and need to remain impartial at all times.

Support workers are therefore allowed to:

  • Collect materials from around the library; e.g. books, journals
  • Assist with researching on-line resources from key words or references provided by you.
  • Read out materials to you.
  • Copy information into a handwritten/typed form at your instruction.
  • Only read materials that you have suggested, e.g. they may read the index so you can decide which chapters/journals will be relevant to the work you are completing.
  • It is up to you which material you wish to use for your work and whether it is relevant to your requirements. i.e. if your support worker does an Internet/journal search for you they then should only read out the search results, so that you can decide what material you would like to use.
  • You therefore must decide by yourself how your written work is worded and what information is relevant.
  • It is therefore important to remember that the use of support workers for reading and research support is to supplement your own self-study.

Support workers are not allowed to:

  • Prompt you; it must be your own work.
  • Never give you their opinion

This is not an exhaustive list, if there are any situations that have not been covered, just ask the DDS