DSA - Needs Assessments

If your funding authority accept your application for the DSA, they will request that you arrange Needs Assessment to explore your approaches to learning alongside the requirements of your course so that you can be allocated support that best matches your needs. Generally you are able to choose where you have your assessment which is likely to last about 2 hours. You can find details of all registered access centers at the NNAC website

When arranging your assessment, the Assessment Centre will ask you to provide a copy of the letter from your Funding Body which confirms funding for the Needs Assessment and a copy of the medical evidence or Psychologist’s report that was submitted with your application.

Details about the Needs Assessment

Following your assessment meeting, you will receive a draft copy of the report and will be asked to confirm the content. If you are unsure of any details you should contact your assessor to discuss.

When your report is finalised, a copy will be sent to your Funding Body, who will consider the recommendations and write to you directly to inform you of what support they will fund. Once you have received your final report please arrange to meet with an disability Adviser to discuss the outcome of the report and put the recommended support in place.

Please note that sometimes, recommendations are made by Needs Assessors which are not possible to implement at the University. If this is the case, we will work with you and the assessor to negotiate an alternative provision.

Information Relating to Ordering Equipment

Where equipment is recommended, quotes from appropriate suppliers will be included in your report. When your funding body writes to you to confirm your DSA has been approved they will indicate which of the equipment suppliers you should use. When ordering equipment you should remember:

  • Only use the supplier agreed by your funding body;
  • Give the reference details included on the quote;
  • Do not change any of the specifications on the equipment without prior consent from your funding body;
  • Be specific about delivery and set-up arrangements;
  • Make sure you insure the equipment;
  • Keep all documentation in a safe place, particularly the Warranty details.

Information Relating to Miscellaneous Expenditure

Ensure you keep receipts and send with a covering letter to your funding body for reimbursement where identified in your report. You should photocopy receipts before you send them in case they get lost in the post. Please pay by card where possible.

If you require receipts for printing costs from a University printer, please contact Jamie.oldfield@southwales.ac.uk

DSA Claim Forms

For a copy of the DSA Claim form for items such as paper, ink, books either contact your funding authority direct or contact a Disability Advsier